Federation of Northern Aquarium Societies

  Welcome to the Historical FNAS website.

  The site is designed to give information   about the Federation and its past   member clubs.

  It is a historical site because the   committee decided to close the

  FNAS and BAF (the British Aquarist   Festival) Open Shows at a meeting held   at the Bradford & DAS OS on 13th May   2018.

  The FNAS Judges are still available if   needed and the Committee retain the   copyright for BAF and the Champion of   Champions awards.  These A Class   Judges can assess to FNAS standards
  on request via their emails …..

  William Ward - williamward@gmail.com

  Barry Booker - barrybooker@gmail.com

  Roy Johnson - royad@aol.com

  The statement from that committee           meeting is shown below…

 It is with great regret that the Committee  of the Federation of Northern Aquarium  Societies (FNAS) has decided to close  down the federation because there is no  longer any funds or viable Aquatic  Societies needing their expertise. Started  in 1945 the Federation grew to include  about 50 societies, handled funds of tens  of thousands of £s and held an annual  Open Show (BAF - British Aquarist  Festival) from 1951 to beyond the  Millennium.

 The FNAS website (www.fnas.uk) will  continue as a Historical Site with details  of its history and downloadable copies of  the many FNAS Publications.

   This site is maintained by Dr David Ford of Aquatic Services

   (see https://www.drdmford.com ) for the FNAS Committee.

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